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At Óptica Económica we have more than 28 years of experience as pioneers in the offer of optics services in Nogales, Sonora, so we offer you a wide variety of options for the benefit of your visual health, with the support of the most qualified team of optometrists to help you choose the most convenient product to improve your vision.

We have the most modern equipment to perform a complete automated eye check and measure your eye pressure. In addition, we provide periodic services for you to have a complete review on an annual basis or in the period you need to timely detect anomalies and pathologies in your vision.

We provide free and personalized advice to determine the graduation of your frame glasses or contact lenses. We guarantee the ideal frame for you to obtain optimal and satisfactory results.

Take advantage of our special prices for the sale of contact lenses and frames, to correct your visual problem effectively and without neglecting your appearance.

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Branch Offices
Avenida Obregón 1033-B
Col. Centro, Nogales, Sonora
C.P. 84000
Entre 27 de agosto y Luis Basurto

Blvd. El Greco 45 Int. Nogales Mall
Col. El Greco, Nogales, Sonora
C.P. 84066
Entre Obregón y Luis Donaldo Colosio
Tel. (631) 314-9297


OBREGON, 538/A, CENTRO, NOGALES, SON, C.P. 84000 México
Lun.-Dom. 09:00 - 18:00